Software Systems Engineer Specialist

Job Summary Dominion is currently seeking a Software Systems Engineer Specialist to join our team of IT professionals supporting the Nuclear Business Unit. This position will be located at Millstone Power Station in Waterford, CT and will focus on the implementation and maintenance of the nuclear cybersecurity program. The core duties of this role include: Reviewing industry guidance for cybersecurity and applying those principles to critical systems and critical digital assets Identifying gaps in cybersecurity controls and recommending technical or administrative solutions to remediate   Analyzing nuclear systems to determine best practices in implementation of cybersecurity controls. Reviewing Change Management Records and Designing Change Packages for cybersecurity compliance and impacts. Developing and/or modifying cybersecurity policies, standards, and procedures in support of programmatic requirements set by Dominion's Cyber Security Plan.   As part of the IT Nuclear Cyber Security Team, this position is responsible for all cyber activities at the station, including, but not limited to:   Providing knowledge of security principles, practices, procedures, and defense-in-depth techniques. Giving input in setting objectives, policy, and identification of critical issues. Performing scans on all portable media devices. Assisting the Engineering Team with Security Controls Analysis as part of the CSAT assessment team. Participating as a member of the Nuclear CSIRT incident response team. Analyzing Level 3 and Level 4 for security breaches and assisting the station with compliance to the approved NRC Cyber Security Plan. Participating in the Nuclear Critical Group which entails gaining approval for access to the nuclear site. Providing assistance, advice, and solutions to co-workers. Required Knowledge, Skills, Abilities & Experience The successful candidate will demonstrate the following knowledge, skills, characteristics, experiences, and/or abilities: 7+ years of directly related experience in networkdesign and security, firewall configurations and management, and security of Windows or Linux operating systems. 3+ years of experience with security principles and defense-in-depth techniques 1+ years of experience with SCADA or real time systems 1+ years of experience with nuclear security controls analysis Ability to work well independently and in a team environment, communicate with other team members or clients and make decisions appropriately after consultation to support assigned projects Understanding of Nuclear Cyber Security Dedication to continuous improvement and implementation of cybersecurity and cyber compliance best practices in support of the Nuclear Business Unit's strategic regulatory compliance objectives. Possession of excellent verbal and written communication skills and the ability to present concepts, options or recommendations in a group setting. Proficiency in the use of Microsoft Office software/collaboration tools.
Salary Range: NA
Minimum Qualification
8 - 10 years

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